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Matt Mills

Well, it's been a year, hasn't it?

I mean. It's been several decades since March. BUT. One of the bright lights in an otherwise dark time has been Odd Salon. What is Odd Salon, you ask?

Odd Salon is a project I love, bringing stories from the odd corners of art, history, science, and adventure to the (virtual) stage!

It's also a community of wonderful humans, people who love the weird and wonderful, people who can tell you which historical figures you liked were dicks, and which would be fun to have a drink with, and people who know the difference between a cutlass and a claymore (and probably not a few that know how to use them). We are experts and amateurs who all share the same enthusiasm, to learn something weird. 

I'm raising money to help Odd Salon survive the unknowns of 2021. 

2020 has been an unexpectedly difficult year - especially for a live stage show - but Odd Salon has kept going, combining our fellowships in San Francisco and New York City, adding new speakers from across the country (and in the UK!), and adapted our salon into a fantastic digital show. 

So: here's the pitch. 

I'm not asking you to give something for nothing. Instead: we have levels! First of all, anyone that donates $100 or more will receive membership in Odd Salon for 2021. That means admission to all the salons, special cocktail hours, and if seeing people in places becomes a thing again, then that too will happen, I'm sure. 

But wait! There's more!

Anyone that gives $25 or more will get a personalized, signed postcard from me of any photo they want from my blog (matt.pictures). There's ten years of archives, and I've got all the originals. How about a pic of El Capitan?


  Or, something historical: A nice cathedral


Maybe a ship?


You get the idea. 

And for the big spenders: Anyone that gives $250 or more will get a personalized portrait session. I can do anything from full studio (think Avedon, not glamor shots) to casual environmental portraits. COVID-safe (6 feet apart outdoors) or redeemable after the pandemic is under control, and we're not confined to bubbles. This can also be redeemed to send me somewhere 'on assignment'. That's right: I'll risk going out in the world to get a picture of something you want, as beautiful as I can make it, within a day's drive of the bay area. Included with either is a print and a full resolution copy of the images. 

Need more reasons to give? Here's one more: If you give to my campaign, I have matching funds (pooled from several anonymous donors) up to $800! That's right, your dollar gets doubled if you act now!

I am trying to raise money to help Odd Salon keep going and growing in 2021. Will you consider giving a donation today?

Bonus: your donations are tax-deductible! Odd Salon is fiscally sponsored by the InterCulture Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization, EIN #26-2224221. 

Odd Salon is trying to raise $25,000 by GivingTuesday. You can check out the main campaign here. 

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